General Session (27 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Imponderabilities with Old Building Construction Practical Aspects
Franz Knoll Franz Knoll Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Towards an ethically safe design of autonomous robots
ANTONIO CHELLA Antonio Chella Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Acoustic response of a vibrating elongated cylinder in a hydrodynamic turbulent flow
Giacomo Rismondo, Marta Cianferra , Vincenzo Armenio Giacomo Rismondo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Optimal design of steel frames with assigned stiffness and resistance
Salvatore Benfratello, Luigi Palizzolo Salvatore Benfratello Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Data-driven models for water distribution networks: A promising Machine Learning approach for improving efficiency and sustainability
Gabriele Restuccia, Ilenia Tinnirello, Fulvio Lo Valvo, Giacomo Baiamonte, Domenico Garlisi, Costantino Giaconia Gabriele Restuccia Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Aluminum Droplet Breakup Process in Booster Rocket
Ryo S. Amano Ryo S. Amano Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Halloysite Nanotubes: a versatile starting material for geopolymers and coating layers preparation
Martina Maria Calvino, Lorenzo Lisuzzo, Giuseppe Cavallaro, Giuseppe Lazzara, Stefana Milioto Martina Maria Calvino Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Machine Learning Assisted Design of Honeycomb Lattices for Enhanced Energy Absorption and Failure Strength
Bhargav Reddy Isanaka, Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, Rajendra Kumar Varma, Vinod Kushvaha Bhargav Reddy Isanaka Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Free vibrations of shear deformable beams and frames in presence of multiple cracks
Francesco Cannizzaro, Ilaria Fiore, Salvatore Caddemi, Ivo Caliò Francesco Cannizzaro Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Ensemble Deep learning technique for Detecting MRI brain tumor
Surface Erosion of Structured Coatings of Wind Turbine Blades: Computational Analysis
Leon Mishnaevsky Jr. Leon Mishnaevsky Jr. Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Efficient 3D simulation of material microstructures via transfer learning
Lori Graham-Brady, Ashwini Gupta, Noah Wade Lori Graham-Brady Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Seismic isolation of art objects via inverted pendulum devices: from theory to practise
Giuseppe Tommaso Di Venti, Francesco Cannizzaro, Salvatore Caddemi, Ivo Caliò Giuseppe Tommaso Di Venti Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Analytical model of an OWC embedded in a large floating circular platform
Antonino Simone Spanò, Giovanni Malara, Felice Arena Antonino Simone Spanò Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Reissner’s plate model by SGBEM indirect approach.
Terravecchia Silvio Salvatore, Zito Marianna Terravecchia Silvio Salvatore Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Effects of Graphene Nanoplatelets on Rheological and Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Cementitious Composites
Ugur Kilic, Mahyar Ramezani, Muhammad M. Sherif, Osman E. Ozbulut Osman E. Ozbulut Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Crack width prediction and investigation for flexural reinforced concrete members
Zhi Zhang, Fangyin Zhang, Liling Cao, Alaukik Singh Zhi Zhang Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Measurements of vibrations induced by vehicles according to ISO 2631-1 and ISO 5349-1
Giovanni Artale, Valentina Cosentino, Dario Fiandaca, Francesco Oddo, Antonina Pirrotta Francesco Oddo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Experimental characterization and modelling of non-conventional TMD utilized for seismic retrofitting of existing structures
Michela Basili, Maurizio De Angelis Michela Basili Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Experimental and numerical analysis of the vibration behaviour of high-performance laminated biocomposites reinforced by sisal fibers
Carmelo Militello, Francesco Bongiorno, Bernardo Zuccarello Carmelo Militello Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Analysis of the mechanical behaviour of sandwiches green panels consisting of core in balsa and faces in biocomposite reinforced by sisal fibers.
Francesco Bongiorno, Carmelo Militello, Bernardo Zuccarello Francesco Bongiorno Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A manufacturing defects-based finite element modelling of curvilinear fibre composites
Prakash Chettri, Devesh Punera Devesh Punera Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Free-meshed procedure to predict crack growth in linear elastic fracture mechanics
Simone Palladino, Luca Esposito, Renato Zona, Vincenzo Minutolo Simone Palladino Download ( pdf ) Accettato
On-board Gearbox Fault Detection with Resource-constrained Embedded Devices
Salvatore Gaglio, Giuseppe Lo Re, Daniele Peri, Riccardo Puleo Daniele Peri Download ( pdf ) Accettato
On the non linear correlation coefficients for response to seismic input
Prof. Piero Colajanni Piero Colajanni Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Enhancing Seismic Behavior and Cost Efficiency in Tall Buildings with Special Ductile Coupled Ultra High-Performance Concrete Shear Walls
Mohammad AlHamaydeh, Mohamed Elkafrawy, Haider Hasan, Chahed AlHomsi Mohammad AlHamaydeh Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Variational formulations in viscoplasticity with computational applications
Fabio De Angelis Fabio De Angelis Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS01 (30 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
A numerical model of the human cornea accounting for the fiber-distributed collagen microstructure
Maria Laura De Bellis, Marcello Vasta, Alessio Gizzi, Anna Pandolfi Anna Pandolfi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Fragility Curves for Wooden Houses in Japan Based on Integrated Damage Data from the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
Fumio Yamazaki, Kazuaki Torisawa Fumio Yamazaki Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Estimation of Evolutionary Power Spectra of Univariate Stochastic Processes by Energy-Based Reckoning
Hanshu Zhang, Qingxia Yue, Alberto Di Matteo, Pol D. Spanos Alberto Di Matteo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Efficient stochastic response determination of nonlinear systems based on a reduced-order formulation of the Wiener path integral technique in conjunction with high-performance computing strategies
Ketson R. M. dos Santos, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou Ketson R. M. dos Santos Download ( pdf ) Accettato
The Inherent Resilience of Large Cities to Natural Hazards
Nicos Makris Nicos Makris Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Stochastic response determination of an array of coupled nonlinear micromechanical oscillators based on an efficient reduced-order formulation of the Wiener path integral technique
Maria I. Katsidoniotaki, Ioannis Petromichelakis, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou Maria I. Katsidoniotaki Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A Wiener Path Integral Formalism for Treating Nonlinear Systems with Non-Markovian Response Processes
Ilias Mavromatis, Apostolos Psaros, Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Efficient Stochastic Response Determination of Nonlinear Systems By Leveraging the Unique Extrapolation Capabilities of the Wiener Path Integral Technique
Ilias Mavromatis, Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou Ilias Mavromatis Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Statistical linearization solution treatment of stochastically excited nonlinear systems: An alternative perspective based on computational algebraic geometry
Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou, Vasileios C. Fragkoulis, Ioannis Petromichelakis Vasileios C. Fragkoulis Download ( pdf ) Accettato
The stochastic differential calculus for non-Gaussian delta-correlated input: the Di Paola-Falsone calculus after thirty years
Giovanni Falsone Giovanni Falsone Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A perspective on conditional spectrum-based determination of response statistics of nonlinear systems: stationary and non-stationary cases
Pol D. Spanos, Beatrice Pomaro Beatrice Pomaro Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Probabilistic modelling of hemp ropes strength
Maria Eleonora Pipistrelli, Massimiliano Gioffré, Mircea Dan Grigoriu Maria Eleonora Pipistrelli Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Mesoscale random behavior of concrete-earth material: from CT to numerical modelling
Francesco Faralli, Federico Cluni, Vittorio Gusella Francesco Faralli Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A proposal for the probabilistic distribution of highly-non-Gaussian peak factors for the wind pressure acting on hyperbolic paraboloid roofs
Michele Barbato Michele Barbato Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Probabilistic response determination of high-dimensional nonlinear systems enforced by multiple Poisson white noises
Jian-Bing Chen, Meng-Ze Lyu Jian-Bing Chen Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Generalized complex fractional moment for the probabilistic characteristic of random vectors
Lizhi Niu, Mario Di Paola, Wei Xu, Antonina Pirrotta Lizhi Niu Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A Bayesian approach for tie rod tensile force identification
Chiara Pepi, Massimiliano Gioffrè Chiara Pepi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A possible description of random variables in quantum computing
Salvatore Sessa Salvatore Sessa Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Integer- and non-integer-order filter approximations for determining the stochastic response of wind-excited structural systems
Luca Roncallo, Ilias Mavromatis, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou, Federica Tubino Luca Roncallo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Reliability bounds for structures controlled by external fractional viscoelastic dampers
Alba Sofi, Giuseppe Muscolino, Mario Di Paola Alba Sofi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Pooria Mesbahi, Enrique García-Macías , Marco Breccolotti , Filippo Ubertini Pooria Mesbahi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Non-linear metamaterials for shock absorption and locomotion
Andrea Colombi, Bao Zhao Andrea Colombi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Stochastic Response Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Nonlinear Systems via GE-GDEE with Enhanced Tail Accuracy
Yi Luo, Chao Dang, Matteo Broggi, Michael Beer Yi Luo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
An effective procedure for the full probabilistic characterization of the structural response of large DOF systems subjected to seismic actions
Giacomo Navarra, Francesco Lo Iacono, Maria Oliva Giacomo Navarra Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Random vibrations in Earthquake engineering: state of the art and future perspectives
Giuseppe Carlo Marano Giuseppe Carlo Marano Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Boundary value problems for fractional stochastic differential equations under white noise process
Andrea Burlon, Mario Di Paola, Giuseppe Failla, Pol D. Spanos Andrea Burlon Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Fractional differential equations forced by α-stable white noise
Gioacchino Alotta Gioacchino Alotta Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Solving Partial Differential Equations with Quantum Approximate Bayesian Optimization Algorithm
Jungin Kim, Jinhwan Sul, Yan Wang Yan Wang Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Stochastic response determination of nonlinear systems with fractional derivative elements via path integral approach using Laplace’s method
Alberto Di Matteo, Antonina Pirrotta Alberto Di Matteo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Diffusive term of the Fractional Fokker Planck equation handled by self-similarity theory
Salvatore Russotto, Mario Di Paola, Antonina Pirrotta Salvatore Russotto Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS02 (8 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
An efficient performance-based design optimization approach for nonlinear systems subject to non-stationary excitation via arbitrary polynomial chaos expansion
Ketson R. M. dos Santos, André T. Beck, Rafael H. Lopez Ketson R. M. dos Santos Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Transverse and axial vibrations of masonry beams: nonlinear interactions
Maria Girardi Maria Girardi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Exploiting global nonlinear dynamics of mechanical systems and structures
Giuseppe Rega Giuseppe Rega Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Stick-slip and Fully-stuck motion regimes: can frictional nonlinearity enhance damage detection?
Giancarlo Santamato, Massimiliano Solazzi, Antonio Frisoli Giancarlo Santamato Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Effect of pre-existing crack on the negative stiffness characteristics of thermally actuated bistable composite laminate
Amar Nath Roy Chowdhury, Suraj K Singh Amar Nath Roy Chowdhury Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Experimental Approach of Active Vibration Control
Giulio Franchini, Prabakaran Balasubramanian, Tarcisio M. P. Silva , Giovanni Ferrari, Celia Hameury, Abdulaziz Buabdulla, Marco Amabili Giulio Franchini Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Vibrations of shells interacting with a Non-Newtonian fluid
Francesco Pellicano Francesco Pellicano Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Hysteretic Tuned Mass Damper for seismic protection: Experimental investigation and Numerical modelling
Pranath Kumar Gourishetty, Vinay Yadav Janga, Biagio Carboni, Giuseppe Quaranta, Walter Lacarbonara Pranath Kumar Gourishetty Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS03 (9 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Optimal Control of a Swarm of Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring
Luigi Severa, Silvia Milana, Nicola Roveri, Antonio Culla, Antonio Carcaterra Luigi Severa Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Study of the behaviour of thermally loaded prestressed structures
Abdellah Mahieddine, Noureddine Ziane, Giuseppe Ruta Abdellah Mahieddine Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Vibration of shallow arches with an edge crack
Ugurcan Eroglu, Giuseppe Ruta, Ekrem Tüfekci Giuseppe Ruta Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Concrete Damage Modeling: A New Paradigm
Zachary Grasley, Pavitra Murru, Kumbakonam Rajagopal, Yingbo Zhu, Alessandro Fascetti Zachary Grasley Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Numerical modelling of a benchmark wind turbine blade and damage detection from experimental benchmark data
Mohamed Sajeer Modamangalavan, Aniruddha Das, Dhiraj Ghosh, Adrita Kundu, Suparno Mukhopadhyay, Satish Nagarajaiah Mohamed Sajeer Modamangalavan Download ( pdf ) Accettato
On the Use of Bartlett and MVDR Beamformers in Damage Identification by Modal Curvature Variations
Ugurcan Eroglu, Annamaria Pau Ugurcan Eroglu Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Damage propagation effect at the interface of a composite beam
Imane Hammoudi, Mokhtar Touati, Mohamed Chabaat Mohamed Chabaat Download ( pdf ) Accettato
SmartRail: a system for the continuous monitoring of the track geometry based on embedded arrays of fiber optic sensors
Giancarlo Santamato, Lorenzo Tozzetti, Massimiliano Solazzi, Fabrizio Di Pasquale, Gianluca De Vita, Mirko Ermini, Eugenio Fedeli, Stefano Faralli Giancarlo Santamato Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Waste Feather Fibre Reinforcement for Cement-Based Materials
Ruben Paul Borg, Elizabeth Spiteri Cornish, Everaldo Attard Elizabeth Spiteri Cornish Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS04 (16 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
A recursive microstructure model of porous damaging material
Maria Laura De Bellis, Gabriele Della Vecchia, Michael Ortiz, Anna Pandolfi Maria Laura De Bellis Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A Novel Discrete, Mesoscale Modeling Framework for the Simulation of the Damaging and Fracturing Behavior of Composites
Marco Salviato, Sean Phenisee, Antonio Deleo, Daniele Pelessone, Mark Flores Marco Salviato Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Mechanics-Driven Modelling of Human Cutaneous Fragment Impact Injuries
Reinhold Dauskardt, Omar Elsafty, Christopher Berkey Reinhold H Dauskardt Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Mechanistic Mapping of Random Fields for Stochastic FE Simulations of Quasibrittle Fracture
Jia-Liang Le, Josh Vievering Jia-Liang Le Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Flextegrity and sheartegrity demonstration models for the multiscale analysis of structured materials and metamaterials
Gianni Royer Carfagni, Claudio Boni Gianni Royer Carfagni Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Multiple crack propagation and coalescence in finite elements with minimal local remeshing using the subregion generalized variational principle
Minmao Liao, Pan Zhang Minmao Liao Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Analytical multi-shape composite mechanics: going beyond the limits of Mori-Tanaka homogenization
Nabor Jimenez Segura , Bernhard Pichler, Christian Hellmich Christian Hellmich Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Error-in-constitutive-relation framework for the characterization of viscoelastic solids
Bojan Guzina, Marc Bonnet, Prasannakumar Salasiya Bojan Guzina Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Modelling Uniaxial Compressive Fracture of Concrete with Nonlocal Macro-Meso-Scale Consistent Damage Model
Yudong Ren, Jianbing Chen, Guangda Lu Yudong Ren Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Observing Fracture of Brittle Materials
Xiaoran Wang, Luigi Biolzi, Joseph Labuz Joseph Labuz Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Multiscale Tip Asymptotics for a Deflating Hydraulic Fracture with Leak-off
Emmanuel Detournay, Anthony Peirce Emmanuel Detournay Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Scalable Monitoring of Infrastructure through Non-dedicated Sensors
Jingxiao Liu, Siyuan Yuan, Biondo Biondi, Hae Young Noh Hae Young Noh Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Programmable Materials and Structures: Design and Validation
Xiaojia Shelly Zhang Xiaojia Shelly Zhang Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A dynamically reprogrammable surface with self-evolving shape morphing
yonggang huang yonggang huang Download ( pdf ) Soggetto a revisione
Data-driven Discovery of High-dimensional Micromorphic Plasticity
WaiChing Sun, Zeyu Xiong WaiChing Sun Download ( pdf ) Accettato
The mechanics of a photo induced hydrogel swimming robot
Chen Xuan Chen Xuan Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS05 (4 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
SPH modelling of high-density ratio multiphase flows with complex interfaces
Nicolò Salis, Alessandro Reali, Sauro Manenti Nicolò Salis Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Internal solitary wave trains: interaction and grouping into multi–humped configurations
Giovanni La Forgia, Giampiero Sciortino, Valentina Lombardi, Pietro Prestininzi Pietro Prestininzi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Emulsion dynamics in an idealized porous matrix
Stefano Miliani, Andrea Montessori, Michele La Rocca, Pietro Prestininzi Stefano Miliani Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Level-Set Based Computation of Compressible Bubble-Solid Oscillation
Gihun Son Gihun Son Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS06 (11 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
A comparison between commercial devices for energy recovery in a real Water Distribution Network
Gabriella Balacco, Michele Stefanizzi, Gaetano D. Fiorese, Domenico Filannino, Marco Torresi, Orazio Giustolisi Gabriella Balacco Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Numerical study of noise reduction by air-sheet barriers in water
Naira Hamid Naira Hamid Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Effects of compressibility and cavitation on flow reattachment in orifice plates
Luca Nicola Quaroni, Stefano Malavasi Luca Nicola Quaroni Download ( pdf ) Accettato
How hole chamfer can affect perforated plates’ fluid dynamic performance
Giacomo Ferrarese, Stefano Benzi, Marco Maria Agostino Rossi, Stefano Malavasi Giacomo Ferrarese Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Water Loss Estimation and Pipe Deformation in Water Distribution Network: Laboratory and Numerical experiments
Mauro De Marchis, Federica Bruno, Domenico Saccone, Fabrizio Traina, Enrico Napoli Mauro De Marchis Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Total drag estimation of turbulent flow over industrial rough surfaces
Federica Bruno, Mauro De Marchis, Stefano Leonardi Mauro De Marchis Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Analysis and measurement of pressure and velocity in intermittent water distribution networks: a comparison between laboratory and numerical experiments.
Fabrizio Traina, Mauro De Marchis, Fulvio Lo Valvo, Alberto Vella, Giuseppe Costantino Giaconia Fabrizio Traina Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Bheaviour of complex systems under random damage
Lorenza Abbracciavento, Valerio De Biagi Lorenza Abbracciavento Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Hydraulic transients induced by Pressure Reduction Valves – simulation and validation
Alessandro Siviero, Riccardo Vesipa Riccardo Vesipa Download ( pdf ) Accettato
The effect of different turbulence model on the hydroacoustic of a pump.
Renato Montillo, Armando Carravetta, Oreste Fecarotta Renato Montillo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Bayesian Identification of brackish water infiltration by Lagrangian sensors
Gabriele Freni, Mariacrocetta Sambito Gabriele Freni Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS07 (2 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
A performance-based hurricane engineering methodology to quantify the effects of climate change and structural aging for single-family wooden houses
Michele Barbato Michele Barbato Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Generative AI for modeling earthquake damage
Vedhus Hoskere, Subin Varghese, Reza Bazrygary Vedhus Hoskere Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS08 (2 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Accounting for earthquake- and environmentally-induced damage accumulation in single-building loss assessment
Kenneth Otárola, Leandro Iannacone, Roberto Gentile, Carmine Galasso Kenneth Otárola Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Multi-phase Image Degradation Modelling and Abnormal Detection based on Change-Point Spatio-Temporal Process (CP-STP)
Munwon Lim, Suk Joo Bae Munwon Lim Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS09 (15 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Uncertainty Analysis of the COFUN for Containment Reliability
Dohyun Lim, Moosung Jae, Byungmoon Ahn Moosung Jae Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Predicting the burst strength of composite pressure vessels through machine learning
Rafael Santos, Dirk Vandepitte, David Moens Rafael Santos Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Bayesian Updating of Overall Failure Probability Based on Gauss-Legendre Numerical Integration and Information Reuse
Pei-Pei Li, Matthias G.R. Faes, Marcos A. Valdebenito, Matteo Broggi Pei-Pei Li Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Application of unsupervised machine learning algorithms on determining the distribution of stochastic impulses values forcing an oscillator.
Natalia Frankowska, Przemysław Frankiewicz, Marek Sulewski, Agnieszka Ozga Natalia Frankowska Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Application of unsupervised machine learning algorithms on determining the rate of random impulses forcing an oscillator
Przemysław Frankiewicz, Natalia Frankowska, Marek Sulewski, Agnieszka Ozga Przemysław Frankiewicz Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A new index for analysing the sensitivity of models with interval parameters
Qi Chang, Changcong Zhou Changcong Zhou Download ( pdf ) Accettato
An Adaptive Augmenting Approach for Quantification of Large Epistemic Uncertainty via Probability Density Evolution Method Integrated with Change of Probability Measure
Zhiqiang Wan, Xu Hong, Weifeng Tao Zhiqiang Wan Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Interval FEA of Thick Elastic Plates on an Elastic Foundation
Robert Mullen, Rafi Muhanna Robert Mullen Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Bootstrapping-based determination of power spectral density intervals from limited data
Marco Behrendt, Chao Dang, Michael Beer Marco Behrendt Download ( pdf ) Accettato
CUR Decomposition for Scalable Stochastic Reduced-Order Modeling Using Time-Dependent Subspaces
Michael Donello, Grishma Palker, Hossein Naderi, David Del. Rey Fernandez, Hessam Babaee Hessam Babaee Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Static analysis of steel frames with semi-rigid connections in the presence of interval uncertainties
Federica Genovese, Alba Sofi Federica Genovese Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Uncertainty propagation on the thunderstorm gust response factor via interval analysis
Luca Roncallo, Federica Tubino, Alba Sofi, Giuseppe Muscolino Luca Roncallo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Inverse Uncertainty Quantification using Likelihood-free Inference for Automotive Passive Safety
Maternus Herold Maternus Herold Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Probabilistic Approaches to Uncertainty Quantification with Sparse and Interval Data
Sankaran Mahadevan Sankaran Mahadevan Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Graph Neural Networks for Solving Time-Independent Physics Problems
Hadi Meidani, Rini Gladstone Hadi Meidani Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS10 (5 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Bridge-Vehicle Interaction for Dislocating of Electrical Conduits
Fangyin Zhang, Zhi Zhang, Liling Cao Fangyin Zhang Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Non-linear FE analysis of cracked girders in cantilever concrete bridges
Granata Michele Fabio, La Mendola Lidia Granata Michele Fabio Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Joint Effects of Thermal Stresses and Corrosion on Integral Abutment Bridges
Alessandro Contento, Angelo Aloisio, Junqing Xue, Giuseppe Quaranta, Bruno Briseghella, Paolo Gardoni Alessandro Contento Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Vehicle-bridge dynamics during braking
Angelo Aloisio, Alessandro Contento, Giuseppe Quaranta Alessandro Contento Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Formulation of a fiber beam element based on plastic damage models for prestressed concrete bridges
Luca Parente, Daniela Addessi, Enrico Spacone Luca Parente Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS11 (4 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Novel perspectives for developing rocking and overturning spectra associated with nonstructural elements housed in buildings
Danilo D'Angela, Francesco Calenzo, Gennaro Magliulo Danilo D'Angela Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Visco-elastic coupling of rigid blocks subjected to seismic excitation
Alessandro Contento, Angelo Di Egidio Alessandro Contento Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Demand to capacity seismic assessment of unanchored building contents
Gennaro Magliulo, Francesco Calenzo, Danilo D'Angela Gennaro Magliulo Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Peak rotation hazard-curve comparisons of alternative rocking modelling approaches
Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS12 (5 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Bond behaviour of FRCM-masonry joints exposed to elevated temperatures: experimental and analytical investigations
Luciano Ombres, Pietro Mazzuca, Alfredo Micieli, Francesco Campolongo, Sebastiano Candamano, Antonio Iorfida Pietro Mazzuca Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Experimental analysis of hemp-matrix biocomposite material for masonry structural strengthening
Roberta Scungio, Chiara Pepi, Pier Francesco Greco, Michele Arturo Caponero, Massimiliano Gioffrè Chiara Pepi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Probabilistic models for hemp fibers and yarns mechanical properties to use as bio composite reinforcing material
Massimiliano Gioffré, Maria Eleonora Pipistrelli, Chiara Pepi Maria Eleonora Pipistrelli Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Influence of glass-fibre epoxy coating on bond and tensile behaviour of FRCM systems: an experimental and analytical investigation
Rebecca Grazzini, Giulia Misseri, Luisa Rovero Luisa Rovero Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Analytical modelling of the bond behavior of carbon FRCM-masonry joints exposed to high temperature
Veronica Bertolli, Cesare Signorini, Andrea Nobili, Tommaso D'Antino Tommaso D'Antino Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS13 (7 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Neural Network based reliability analysis of pipelines with randomly distributed internal corrosion
Michael Olatunde, Srinivas Sriramula, Amir Siddiq, Alfred Akisanya Michael Olatunde Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Probabilistic Response of Rigid Foundations on Uniform Soil with Uncertain Shar-Wave Velocities Under Horizontal Vibrations
Jun-Yang Shi Jun-Yang Shi Download ( pdf ) Accettato
An adaptive Kriging-based approach for random vibration analysis of the freight wagon–turnout system
Jun Lai, Yan Shi, Jingmang Xu, Ping Wang, Michael Beer Jun Lai Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Reliability analysis of wind turbines using manifold-NARX surrogate models
Styfen Schär, Stefano Marelli, Bruno Sudret Bruno Sudret Download ( pdf ) Accettato
On the thermomechanical reliability of thermoplastic lightweight photovoltaic modules
Dylan Habans Dylan Habans Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Multi-phase Image Degradation Modelling and Abnormal Detection based on Change-Point Spatio-Temporal Process (CP-STP)
Munwon Lim, Suk Joo Bae Munwon Lim Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Allied Denoising Convolutional Neural Network for State-of-Health Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Sun Geu Chae, Suk Joo Bae Sun Geu Chae Download ( pdf ) Accettato
MS14 (9 Documents)
Title Author(s) Speaker Download Status
Refined numerical analysis of the seismic response of masonry building aggregates
Sofia Villar, Fabio Di Trapani, Marilisa Di Benedetto, Massimo Petracca, Guido Camata Sofia Villar Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Refined assessment of the internal forces of infilled frames due to frame-infill interaction under seismic loads
Marilisa Di Benedetto, Fabio Di Trapani, Massimo Petracca, Guido Camata Marilisa Di Benedetto Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Mechanical insights on energy dissipating devices behaviour
Francesco Pimpinella, Maddalena Marchelli, Valerio De Biagi Francesco Pimpinella Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Rock blocks impacts on masonry walls: modelling for vulnerability evaluation Authors: Maddalena
Maddalena Marchelli, Valerio De Biagi Maddalena Marchelli Download ( pdf ) Accettato
The probabilistic response of masonry structures under Tsunami
Panagiotis G. Asteris, Liborio Cavaleri Liborio Cavaleri Download ( pdf ) Accettato
A strategy to improve the effectiveness of friction dampers for seismic protection
Liborio Cavaleri Liborio Cavaleri Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Environmental Durability of Externally Bonded FRP-Repaired Concrete
Ruben Paul Borg, Fabio Spiteri Ruben Paul Borg Download ( pdf ) Accettato
The Durability and Self-Healing performance of Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Aggressive Chloride-rich Environments.
Ruben Paul Borg Ruben Paul Borg Download ( pdf ) Accettato
Enhancing Resilience of Circular RC Bridge Piers with CFRP Seismic Retrofitting: Performance Under Vehicular Lateral Impact Loading
Cristoforo Demartino, Sicheng Zhou Cristoforo Demartino Download ( pdf ) Accettato

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