MS10 - Modeling and performance assessment of bridges


The transportation infrastructure is an essential lifeline system. Decreased performance of the transportation infrastructure may have relevant economic and social cascading effects such as hindering the efficiency of supply chains and impairing the response to hazard events. Bridges are usually the most vulnerable elements within the transportation infrastructure and their performance is affected by both deterioration and occasional shock occurrences. Modeling the structural response and functionality of bridges incorporating different causes of deterioration and the interaction with vehicles is of critical importance to properly assess the reliability and functionality of the transportation infrastructure and consequently provide the information needed to optimize maintenance decisions and support effective infrastructure management. Hence, the scope of the mini-symposium encompasses all the aspects related to the modeling and performance assessment and includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:
  1. modeling of vehicle-bridge interactions;
  2. modeling deterioration of bridges due to extreme loading and environmental conditions, aging, and regular operation;
  3. performance assessment and reliability analyses of bridges with respect to serviceability and ultimate limit states based on physics-based models.

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