MS11 - Modeling and performance assessment of rocking elements


Several structural and non-structural elements exhibit rocking dynamics. Usually rocking structural elements, such as rocking walls and piers, are used as protective elements aimed at dissipating energy, isolating the structure from the ground, and, ultimately, withstanding strong seismic forces. Such elements can be either included within the structure to be protected or externally coupled with it. Conversely, rocking non-structural elements are usually elements that need to be protected against possible damage due to seismic events, such as statues, pieces of equipment, containers, and most of the freestanding slender contents in buildings. Such nonstructural elements can be protected with different types of restraints or devices that modify the rocking dynamics reducing the oscillations of the elements and preventing their overturning. The variety of applications and the economic and societal importance of structural and non-structural rocking elements justifies the large interest in the modeling and performance assessment of such elements with a particular emphasis on the ability to predict uplift and overturning. Hence, the scope of the mini-symposium encompasses all the aspects related to the behavior of rocking including analytical, numerical, and experimental contributions.

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