MS19 - Experimental Characterization, Identification, Analysis, and Design of Mechanical Systems with Hysteretic Behavior


The development of nonlinear procedures and simulation strategies for the study of structural systems characterized by hysteresis phenomena is becoming increasingly sensible in many fields of mechanics and engineering. In particular, within structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, a significant number of structures, systems, materials, and devices are ruled by complex hysteretic behavior.
For this reason, current research is focused on many aspects of hysteretic materials and systems, and particularly the:
  • development of reliable and efficient phenomenological models;
  • development of robust and reliable numerical methods and analysis algorithms;
  • experimental characterization of hysteretic materials and systems;
  • deterministic and probabilistic identification of hysteretic constitutive parameters;
  • use of hysteretic models in sensitivity analysis and reliability analysis procedures;
  • design strategies for structures and equipment with hysteretic behavior, including optimization design methods.
The mini-symposium welcomes contributions sharing the most innovative advances related, but not limited, to such topics.

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