MS20 - Mechanical systems operating in marine environments


  • Prof. Felice Arena, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria
  • Dr. Giovanni Malara, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria 


The marine environment is expected to gain a central role in the future supply of food, energy and land space through, for instance, the development of new floating platform concepts and energy converters. For addressing these purposes, probabilistic models are widely used for describing the behavior of the sea waves and for modelling the response of the mechanical systems operating at sea.

This symposium provides a forum for discussions concerning emerging technologies enabling the sustainable exploitation of the marine system both in nearshore and offshore areas, as well as recent methodologies to be utilized for modeling random sea waves and predicting the mechanical response of marine systems. Papers present new theoretical developments concerning fluid mechanics related problems (including probabilistic wave mechanics, signal processing tools, probabilistic response analysis tools) and recent experimental results on marine systems tested either at a laboratory scale or at sea.

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