MS30 - Structural Monitoring and Identification of Complex Dynamical Systems

  • Alberto Di Matteo, Assistant Professor, University of Palermo, Italy
  • Kalil Erazo, Assistant Teaching Professor, Rice University, USA

This mini-symposium covers recent developments in structural monitoring and identification methods with application to complex dynamical systems, including structural health monitoring procedures for damage detection and reliability analysis. The scope includes theoretical, computational and experimental analyses with applications in structural, mechanical and aerospace engineering, as well as other related engineering disciplines in which the analysis of complex dynamical systems is involved.
Topics relevant to the session include:
  • analysis and identification of systems comprising fractional and nonlinear operators;
  • theoretical and experimental modal identification (such as operational modal analysis);
  • linear and nonlinear system identification including probabilistic and statistical methods (such as maximum-likelihood and Bayesian inference);
  • state, parameter and input estimation;
  • model updating/validation and correlation;
  • uncertainty quantification and propagation in model selection and parameter estimation;
  • stochastic simulation techniques for state estimation and model class selection;
  • optimal strategies for experimental design;
  • structural health monitoring techniques;
  • vehicle-bridge interaction based monitoring techniques.
Papers dealing with experimental investigation and verification of theoretical approaches are especially welcomed.

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