MS32 - Sustainable mobility

  • Rosario Miceli
In recent years the transportation sector is facing a significant transformation due to the rapid development of technology and the need to achieve new energy and environmental goals for climate-neutral transport. Therefore, sustainable transportation is becoming a very widespread research topic with the aim of providing innovative solutions for a greener, safer and efficient mobility system. New hybrid propulsion systems, H2 fuels, digital products and processes to foster smart management and intelligent transport systems for connected and cooperated vehicles are some of the main challenges to be faced in the next future for achieving the EU targets of reducing 60% of emissions by 2050 in the transport sector.
In this scenario, this symposium in Sustainable Mobility provides a discussion forum for the exchange of new and innovative ideas on sustainable transportation research in the context of environmental, economic, social and engineering aspects. The goal is to promote and accelerate the exchange of knowledge regarding these crucial topics on both local and international levels.
The possible topics are given here below:
  • Air Mobility
  • Sustainable Road Vehicle
  • Waterways
  • Rail Transportation
  • Light Vehicle and Active Mobility
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)
  • CCAM, Connected Networks and Smart Infrastructure
  • MaaS & Innovative services
  • Urban Mobility
  • Freight and Logistic
  • Innovative Materials and Lightweighting
  • Innovative Propulsion
  • Electric Traction and Batteries
  • Hydrogen & New Fuels

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