MS36 - Anti-Collapse Performance Evaluation and Reliability Improvement of Engineering Structures



In the last decades, structural collapse accidents caused by earthquakes, gas explosions, fires, collisions, man-made construction and use errors, terrorist attacks, etc. have occurred and caused severe consequences. The collapse of engineering structures under extreme disaster loads is an extreme mechanical behavior of structural systems and members, involving many complex issues such as uncertainty of disaster loads, strong non-linearity of materials, oversized deformation of members, discontinuous displacement fields, impact-contact, internal force redistribution of structural systems, etc. In addition, the coupling of high-dimensional uncertainty parameters and strong non-linear mechanical behavior makes it difficult for us to accurately assess structural collapse reliability. These key issues need to be solved urgently with exploration of structural collapse mechanism, efficient reliability method, novel techniques against progressive collapse, etc. The objective of this mini-symposium is to bring together active scientists, engineers in the field of structural anti-collapse and structural reliability to discuss the innovative advances made in recent years. 

Topics of Interest Include:
  • Collapse mechanism analysis
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Structural reliability methods
  • Reliability-based design methods
  • Anti-Collapse design and evaluation
  • Novel techniques against progressive collapse
  • Case studies

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