MS40 - Innovations in Structural Dynamics Models and Experiments

a - Department BiT – Structural and Geotechnical Dynamics Laboratory StreGa, University of Molise, 86100 – Campobasso, Italy.
b - Institute for Construction Technologies, National Research Council of Italy, Secondary branch of L’Aquila 67100 L’Aquila, Italy
c - Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Kore University of Enna, 94100 - Enna, Italy
d - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 06125 Perugia - Italy


Structural dynamics plays a key role in the field of design, assessment and maintenance of any engineering structure. It is a fully interdisciplinary field, since dynamic loading and the associated response of structures and components are relevant in many and different fields, where aerospace, automotive and industry are the traditional areas of development and growth of knowledge. Nowadays, following the increased demand of safety and reliability of civil engineering structures under generalized actions, a continuous and detailed exchange of experience, theoretical and numerical methods have been proposed in the literature by the experts operating in the above mentioned engineering fields. This is the background and the motivations behind the recent launch of the Association IDEA (Innovative Dynamics Experiments Association) that aims at promoting the knowledge transfer between research and production, maximizing the impact of an interdisciplinary approach to the Structural Dynamics. This mini-symposium invites contributions from the wide range of scholars involved in the development of novel and innovative studies on the dynamics of structures, dynamic identification, experimental dynamics, modeling of structures and infrastructures in the dynamic domain. Numerical studies aimed at describing the actual structural response or laboratory tests are welcome, especially those carried out in a High Performance Computing environment.

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