Junior MS02 - Mathematical models and methods for Structural Systems

  • Andrea Burlon, Post-doc student at Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria (email: andrea.burlon@unirc.it)
  • Rossella Laudani, Post-doc student at University of Messina (email: rlaudani@unime.it)

Real-world problems require an increasing accurate modeling of phenomena jointly with the need to efficiently solve the associated governing differential equations. The main aim of this mini-symposium is to bring together Ph.D. students, eventually supported by senior researchers, to discuss the novel and latest mathematical models and analytical/numerical methods for the analysis of structural systems.
Specifically, contributions on the following topics are of significant interest:
  • Mechanics of solids and structural systems
  • Mechanics of materials
  • Structural vibration analysis
  • Models and devices to mitigate seismic actions
  • Dynamic identification
  • Wave propagation in mechanical metamaterials
  • Multiscale analyses

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