MS03 - Damaged elements and structures: models, resolution techniques, detection devices, experimental approaches

  • Uğurcan Eroğlu, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Giuseppe Ruta, University “La Sapienza”, Roma, Italy

Structural health monitoring is becoming an urging subject of investigation in the research community, especially with regard to the assessment of reliability of existing constructions, to the protection of strategic plants, and to the continuous control of machinery and transportation. We wish to bring researchers and experimenters together to exchange their last results and disseminate the outputs of their work.

We think that the mini-symposium can be devoted to:

  • Models of damage: lumped, diffused, crack-like, …
  • Models of damaged structural elements: beams, arches, plates, shells, …
  • Models of damaged structures: shear-type frames, trusses, …
  • Resolution techniques for direct problems in static and dynamics
  • Inverse problems and challenges for damage detection by static and/or dynamic measurements
  • Experimental setups for damage detection: contact and non-contact measures, static vs. dynamic apparatuses, laboratory vs. in-situ measurements
  • Sensors or sensor networks for damage detection, signal transmission.

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