MS38 - Advances in experimental characterization and numerical modelling of masonry structures retrofitted with traditional and innovative techniques



The numerical simulation of masonry structures is still a very complex task due to the different constructive features, the properties and the heterogeneity of the materials and the particular structural behaviour. When it comes to retrofitting techniques, and in particular the use of fibre-reinforced materials, modelling the structural capacity becomes more tough, due to the inner complexity in considering the interaction between the strengthening application and the structural member. A crucial aspect is related to the correct simulation of the complex stress transfer mechanisms that develop at the reinforcement-to-substrate interface, and the relative failure mode observed. In this framework, during the last decades a huge amount of research work was developed, and several numerical and analytical approaches were proposed for retrofitted masonry structures.

This mini symposium aims to collect contributions in the field of the mechanical behaviour of strengthened masonry structures, numerical and experimental analysis of masonry members, such as, but not limited to,

  • micro or macro modelling of retrofitted masonry members and buildings, including the exploitation of advanced modelling approach such as finite element methods or discrete element methods 
  • applications of different kind of analysis, such as dynamic or static analysis
  • use of limit analysis methods
  • experimental validations and/or characterization of strengthened masonry models
  • experimental investigations on the effectiveness of retrofitting methods for masonry structures
  • experimental characterization of materials and strengthening systems

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