MS25 - Mechanics and Physics of Granular Materials and Systems


Nearly every product or commodity in use is constituted and/or derived from granular materials through mining, agriculture, and/or chemical processing. These materials are also central to geomechanics and structural mechanics as constituents of earthworks, road pavements reinforced concrete structures and so on. As ubiquitous constituents of industrial processes and geophysical phenomena granular materials exhibit behaviors ranging from rapid, collision-dominated flows to quasi-static deformations of grains in persistent contacts or joined by cementation. Granular systems also share common properties over a wide range of particle sizes, from rockfills to fine powders, and for colloidal multi-phase materials. This symposium encourages fundamental and applied contributions on particle-based systems across spatial and temporal scales, including (i) complex behavior at extended scales of density, grain size, and deformation rate; (ii) the transition from a solid to fluid-like state, and fundamental mechanical particle interactions that controls such transitions; (iii) dynamical systems and multi-scale modeling of flow; (iv) the interface between granular materials and colloidal systems, and (v) simulated /machine learning approaches.
Computational, experimental and theoretical studies commensurate with the symposium theme are welcome.

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