MS26 - Innovations in Biomechanics and Bio-Inspired Engineering


Biomechanics takes advantage of the methodologies developed in several different fields as: Mechanics of fluids and deformable bodies, Material Mechanics, Applied Physics, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Medicine, Biology and Surgery. On one hand, biomechanics is used to predict the evolution of physiological phenomena by means of virtual and/or laboratory experiments. On the other hand, observation of biological phenomena led engineers to developed bio-inspired engineering which aims to replicate the main features of biologic process to fields of civil and industrial engineering.
The objective of this mini-symposium is to gather scientists active in the field of biomechanics and bio-inspired engineering to discuss the innovative features of theoretical and experimental models popping up in the last years.
Topics included in the mini-symposium but they are not limited to:
  • Cardiovascular biomechanics
  • Biomechanics of bones
  • Biomechanics of articular joints
  • Mechanics of soft biological tissues
  • Mechanobiology of receptor-mediated endocytosis
  • Mechanobiology of cell membranes
  • Mechanical characterization of bio-inspired materials
  • Multiscale models of bio-inspired structures
  • Innovative mathematical tools for multiscale problems
  • Homogenization methods of bio-inspired materials
  • Computational Biomechanics
  • Multifield mechanics of bio-inspired engineering problems.

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